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The Genesis ATM provides numerous customization options to match your operating environment. The Genesis ATM delivers an outstanding initial value, streamlined and easy operation, low maintenance costs and a long useful life.

Here are just a few of the
features of the Genesis ATM:

Genesis ATMs are engineered with four modular components housed with a secure vault. The four components are the CPU, the cash dispenser, the printer and the power supply. These components are designed to be field-replaceable, with a minimal amount of training. No formal certification is required to maintain these ATMs.

This elegant design reflects our commitment to make service easy and to reduce your operating costs. The vault and assembly are made in the United States to improve quality and reduce transportation costs. Modularity also protects your investment, delivering a long useful life.

This system is Triple DES compliant and PCI approved to insure the highest level of security and regulatory compliance for your ATM applications. Multilingual support is standard, English, Spanish and French are available at no extra charge.

The ATM CPU has an integrated card reader, keypad, customer display and headphone jack for the hearing impaired. The system incorporates Electronic Journal 2000 transaction memory.

These cash dispensers are designed for ultra high reliability and easy note replenishment. No planned maintenance is necessary, other than occasional cleaning, reducing your maintenance costs and improving system availability. Note trays on our dispensers have been designed specifically for self-fill retail ATM's to make replenishment quick and economical.

The Genesis ATM is equipped with a high-performance ATP-60 thermal printer. The ATP-60 features a clamshell design for easy paper loading. The modular design makes any necessary repair or replacement quick and easy.

Genesis ATMs require a dedicated phone line connected to a standard telephone wall jack (RJ11) or choose the wireless connectivity option.



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