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Electronic Darts

Galaxy II soft-tip dart game

The Galaxy II is Arachnid's n ewest soft-tip electronic dart game. It contains all of the original Galaxy™ features and more!

The Galaxy II comes with a flashy 15" color monitor for easier viewing, and superb color graphics. Featuring a newly redesigned Impact Resistant cabinet with a new futuristic look!

Galaxy II Commercial Electronic Dart Machine

Arachnid's newest soft-tip electronic dart game features:

  • UI Color Monitor 15"
  • Speed Games
  • Automated league mode
  • Download league configurations
  • Download league standings
  • Network multiple machines
  • Setup mode
  • Attract Screens
  • Customized "WIN" screens
  • Missed dart detector
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Modem call out
  • Simplified network configuration

Benefits of the Galaxy II include:

  • Good visibility
  • A new challenge for players
  • Easier for operators and players
  • No league cards
  • Secured league collection
  • Great connectivity
  • Easy customization
  • A simple way to advertise
  • Player recognition
  • More accurate play
  • Continue using existing machines
  • Less competition for phone lines
  • Saves time

Other Electronic Dart Games

Ohio Vending Machines carries a wide variety of dart games and accessories. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific make or model.

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